Prepayments are any forms of payment made in advance of actual consumption of the services and/or products paid for. Examples of prepayments include but are not limited to prepaid packages, vouchers, deposits, membership fees, etc.

To enhance consumer’s protection, businesses accredited under the following CaseTrust Schemes are required to protect the prepayments made by consumers. For more information on how the varying protection mechanisms work, you may click on any of the following link:

  1. CaseTrust Spa and Wellness Scheme
  2. CaseTrust-RCMA Joint Accreditation Scheme (for Renovation Businesses)
  3. CaseTrust-SVTA Joint Accreditation Scheme (for Motoring Businesses)
  4. CaseTrust-SSTA Joint Accreditation Scheme (for School Bus Service Providers)

Prepayment protection allows consumers to claim back the unused portion of the prepayment made, following the closure of the accredited business. Upon making prepayment to any CaseTrust accredited businesses under the abovementioned schemes, you would be given a proof of protection (except for the CaseTrust-SVTA and CaseTrust-SSTA schemes) containing your personal details and the protected sum. For this purpose, please take note that you would be required to provide your personal particulars to the accredited business, as required by the prepayment protector (i.e. the Insurer or EZ-Link TRUST).

Please contact our CaseTrust officers at 6461 1800 or email: , if you have made prepayment and did not receive your proof of prepayment protection.